Crash Of The Airlander 10.... What Do You Think About It ?

Discussion in 'User Topics' started by MaxSparStorm, Aug 26, 2016.

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    Wouldn't be the first time a large corporation designed what they need:

    Either download and open or open the link with IE and it should stream to WMP.

    Edit, that's the wrong one, but still super neat.

    This is the site for Open Compute. Facebook is leading a charge to build more efficient datacentres.

    Edit, here's the explanation (it's a brillaint video):
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    I'd say country wide delivery using drones is far off from happening, even if it happens at all within the next several decades. People are having a difficult enough time sorting the mail and making regular systematic on time deliveries, let alone controlling numerous large fleet numbers of in-air traffic and scheduled reloading with arrival times for all packages onboard these rechargeable drones. In our lifetimes it might just become a reality towards the later years, although the full takeover of deliveries by drone doesn't seem possible overnight that is forsure, the technology is there - the experienced workers are not. And no one is going to accept the change right away look how many years it took people over the age of 40 to understand computers and wireless components, if at all.
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    I've just been looking at the Chinese launch of the two asian cosmonauts into space for their one month stay. I'd almost say America is looking not very great these days with all the bad incidents that have taken place in the last few years not to mention the overall disliking of what is going on with our brothers from another mother to the south. I'd almost be hesitant to not say that I am feeling the fall of another technology sector in North America after a couple more incidents or accidents take place from bad manufacturing. Not really a prediction, just seems like the clock is ticking against something that is bound to happen and destroy all the investments and backing that had previously gone to USA.

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