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    Miscellaneous Questions

    Q: My activation e-mail did not arrive, what can I do?

    A: Most activation e-mails will end up in the junk folder. For instructions on how to resend your activation e-mail click here.

    Q: How do I stop getting emails from Nexopia?
    A: To stop receiving general site mailings or conversation alerts, click here. To stop receiving forum or media alerts, click here.

    Q: I think there is a bug with the site. How do I report it?
    A: Please post it in the Support forum.

    Q: I have a great idea for the site?
    A: Please post it in the Suggestions forum.

    Q: How do I become a mod or admin with Nexopia?
    A: You should not ask to become a moderator or administrator. If you are interested in moderating Nexopia's forums, be active in them and set a good example for other users. You will be contacted if we are interested.

    Q: How do I block X user from sending me messages or comments?
    A: Enter their username here.

    Q: I am having issues with user X. They keep starting trouble. What can I do?
    A: Put them on ignore. If they are breaking rules, use the report button.

    Forum Questions

    Q: Who are the moderators and admin?
    A: Forum mods and their corresponding forums are as listed: Squire72 (Adult Forum), FlamesFanatic (Tv/Movies), Mithras (Music), Jabbafet (Computers/Videogames). Global mods are @Wrecky and @skrinkle. Administrators are @Nexopia, @NexopiaHelp and @PLUS.

    Q: Why can't I post certain words on my new account?
    A: Due to an issue with spammers, we have a list of words that will get the post put through moderation before becoming public. Once your account hits 1,000 posts, or if you purchase the upgrade, you will be able to post these words without going through a moderator.

    Q: What do I do when there is a problem in an official forum that is not being dealt with?
    A: Click the report button on the bottom right corner of the offending post, if it breaks the site rules. Posting about something will not get the attention of mods, as we a) don't read every post and b) don't always take posts seriously. If for some reason you need to report something but don't want to use the report button, contact a global mod.

    Q: What is a locked thread and why are they locked?
    A: Locked threads are threads that most users are not able to post in (certain moderators or administrators are the exception). A locked thread will have an image of a lock before the thread title. Some official threads will be locked to keep them tidy. Most moderators will post a reason for the thread being locked unless it obviously breaks the rules.

    Q: How do I customize my posts?
    A: Most of the codes can be found here. In addition, there are hot buttons above the post reply box. If you highlight the text and click a box, it will put the coding around the selected text. If you have nothing highlighted, the first section will default at the bottom of your writing.

    Q: Why can't I delete/edit my posts after 60 seconds?
    A: For user readability, posts cannot be edited after 1 minute has passed. Editing is intended to allow users to fix errors and typos, not to entirely change the post and cause confusion. Be aware that what you post on the internet can easily be screen grabbed and saved forever, use appropriate judgement before posting.

    Q: How do I customize my signature?
    A: Click here, and use either the built in hot buttons at the top or custom bb code to create a unique signature.

    Q: Why was my signature edited or removed?
    A: Your signature may have been edited if it did not follow the site rules and/or the signature rules:
    • Maximum allowed dimensions are 600 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.
    • Certain animated GIFs that distract a user from reading posts. eg. big flashy animations

    Q: I am having a problem with a forum moderator.
    A: If it is an official forum and you have attempted to resolve it with the moderator FIRST, you can contact the administrator @Nexopia or @Nexopiahelp. These accounts are the administrators in charge of the forum moderators.

    Q: How do I change my forum rank?
    A: You can either use the ones that we supply (these are given to you based on your post count) or you can purchase Plus. The ones we supply are:
    1-99 - Newbie
    100-499 - Member
    500-999 - Regular
    1000-1999 - Veteran
    2000-4999 - Addict
    5000-9999 - Junkie
    10000-24999 - Bleeds Nexopia
    25000-49999 - Nexopian Faithful
    50000-99999 Great Nexopian
    100k and on - Nexopian Elder

    Plus Questions

    Q: What are the features of plus?

    A: All the features of plus can be found here.

    Q: Why can’t I have plus for free?
    A: Plus is how Nexopia stays running.

    Q: Will I lose my extra pictures once my plus runs out?
    A: Some of the features will be limited or not accessible. All of your bonus pictures will stay. However, to add more pictures, you may have to remove some.

    Q: How long will plus take to activate?
    A: This depends on the type of payment method used. Your Plus will be activated once payment goes through.

    Q: Can I transfer my plus to another account?
    A: Not at this time.

    Q: If my account is deleted by an administrator will I lose any plus that I have purchased with it?
    A: All plus will be removed when an account is deleted. For administration to delete an account, it has to be pretty severe. Most common reasons an account is deleted is the user is underage or the user has ignored several warnings about breaking site rules.

    Q: Can I get a free trial of plus?
    A: Yes, you can get a free trial during the month of your birthday. Message @Nexopia, @NexopiaHelp or @PLUS to activate it.

    Pic Questions

    Q: Why is it taking so long for my pics to be approved?
    A: This takes time. We mod them as quickly as possible, but please be patient. The only options are wait or buy Plus and you get approved a lot quicker.

    Q: How do I become a picture moderator?
    A: If you would like to volunteer to assist Nexopia by moderating pictures, you may message @Wrecky with your request.

    Q: Why was my pic denied?
    A: If your picture appeared in the "pictures pending" section and is no longer there, it has been denied.
    Reasons for your pictures being denied could include:
    * The picture contained nudity (indecent - wearing less than a bathing suit).
    * The picture contained gore or bodily fluids.
    * The picture has another web site’s tag on it, or more than one Nexopia tag. Please upload the original image.
    * The picture contained advertisements for any products or services.
    * The picture had a gun in, or another object being used in a threatening manner, such as a knife or bat.

    Q: My picture won't upload.
    A: This probably indicates your picture is in a format not accepted by Nexopia's system or the file size is too large. Please ensure the picture is in a .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif, .tiff
    format and is less than 10MB.
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