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    Hello there community,

    because I don't have any friends around me to chat about things like that (I have some friends tho ^^) and therefore no one to talk about things like this, I would like to be open about that for the first time - here on this public site.

    Let me just introduce myself: I'm male, 22 years old, I'm still a virgin and I didn't have a girlfriend yet.
    In the last few months there's one thing I'm often thinking about and that is my sexuality. I'm interested in girls of course and a female (looking) person is the only choice I would consider to have on my side, but recently I noticed that I wouldn't mind a girl with a lower male part if you know what I mean. At first I wasn't able to follow this thought for longer periods of time because I didn't want to, but I slowly realise that this is just how I am and I can't do much against it. So I would say "traps aren't gay (in my opinion)" and that I'm probably bi. The fact that I really like girls with short hair could be important too, maybe.

    So I'm interested in the opinion that other people have about this situation (without know me personally) and if that's something you would consider "abnormal". This is the first time I'm open about this to anyone and therefore I would love to be able to talk about this in any way [​IMG]
    I have some pics here to better understand what I mean. The first person is Cadey (yes, I know what she does) and she hits the nail with this style she had a while back. The second person is Jane (yes, I know) and some pics of her really strike me and sometimes I would call myself attracted to her - or both to be exact.

    So there you have it ^^ I'm looking forward to possible answers and wish you a nice day [​IMG]

    Greetings from Germany,



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