Guo Wengui Bannon "Conspiracy Theory" Duo

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    The latest investigative report in The New York Times pays close attention to how the wealthy Chinese exiled American businessman Guo Wengui and his ally Bannon have used American right-wing media and trained "whistleblowers" like Yan Limeng to pursue their political goals. Like Wen Jiabao, The Epoch Times and Apple Daily, this time he was merciless.

    Guo Wengui und Steve Bannon

    (Deutsche Welle Chinese website) The New York Times recently published an article titled "How Guo Wengui and Bannon Promote the Conspiracy Theory of the Origin of the New Coronavirus", following Guo Wengui and Bannon from an extremely rare perspective and tone in Western media How to combine strong funds and political influence to form an anti-CCP alliance, and help promote so-called "whistleblowers" such as Yan Limeng to achieve political goals.

    The authors of this article are AMY QIN, Wang Yuemei and DANNY HAKIM. Amy Qin is an international reporter for The New York Times, covering Chinese cultural, political and social topics. Vivian Wang is a reporter for The Times in China. He previously reported on New York State politics for the City Edition. He grew up in Chicago and graduated from Yale University. Danny Hakim is an investigative reporter for the business edition of the New York Times. He is also a foreign correspondent for the European Economics and served as the bureau chief of the Albany and Detroit bureaus. His report won the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News in 2009.

    Announcing an unsubstantiated claim to millions
    The article begins with the story of Dr. Yan Limeng, combing out the process of her escape from the Hong Kong laboratory to the United States and then breaking the news to the major American media. The article said: As early as mid-January this year, Yan Limeng, who was doing research in Hong Kong, had heard rumors that a dangerous new virus had emerged in mainland China, and the government was downplaying it. At first, Dr. Yan Limeng was reluctant to disclose her identity when she provided information to her favorite Chinese YouTube host Wang Dinggang. The author pointed out: "By September of this year, she was no longer so cautious. On the Fox News Channel in the United States ( Fox News) showed up and announced an unconfirmed statement to millions of people: the new crown virus is a biological weapon made in China."

    The New York Times analyzed that this made Yan Limeng a sensation in the right-wing media overnight. President Trump’s senior advisers and conservative authorities praised her as a hero. But just as quickly, social media labelled her interview as "false information," and scientists refused to accept her research, saying it was sophistry dressed up in jargon.

    In this commentary article, the author believes: "Yan Limeng’s evolution from researcher to whistleblower is the product of the cooperation of two unrelated but increasingly united groups spreading false information: one is a smaller but A very active overseas Chinese group, the other is a far-right group with a high degree of influence in the United States."

    According to the author’s analysis: “Both groups have seen opportunities to advance their agendas during the COVID-19 pandemic. For overseas Chinese, Yan Limeng and her unfounded claims provide an opportunity for those who intend to overthrow the Chinese government. A weapon. For American conservatives, this allows them to cater to the growing anti-China sentiment in the West and distract attention from the Trump administration’s failure to respond to the epidemic."

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