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    Hey all. Alex Slater here!

    I'm a fairly ordinary and basic guy. I don't hesitate in carrying a view or two, but I always try to be considerate of other people's views. I don't like to help people cheat their way through life, and I don't like people that don't really respond too much or write with much effort. I do come from a family background of language, so it is kind of a family rule that we have to put effort into using the computer :D.

    I found this forum from searching a list of them, forums really have changed over the last 15 years or so! A lot of old software seems to have been replaced by these ones (they aren't the best quality if you ask me :P). I try to avoid being blunt, but then again I am a programmer after all, we sometimes are a bit too openhearted and forward. But what you see from me is what you get! I don't mind being asked anything, I can break a rule occasionally if needed xD.

    So how you guys doing?

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