How do you bleach your hair yourself at home?

Discussion in 'Beauty & Fashion' started by skrinkle, May 7, 2019.

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    As I've been on this mission to go platinum blonde I'm figuring out what works and what doesn't

    Mistakes I've made so far: buying lightener instead of bleach because apparently Safeway didn't sell actual bleach, only buying one box thinking it would be enough for my medium length hair, bleaching over purple manic panic in my hair (turns green), being too cautious when putting bleach near my roots and ending up with splotchy dark spots

    Things that I think are working: buy two boxes of bleach and drench that shit so it doesn't dry out while you're covering your hair, using coconut oil on clean hair before rinsing out and putting conditioner on, straightening hair before applying bleach to make sure it's applied more evenly!!!

    Post your tips on being a blonde
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    I’ve had my hair bleached a few times, it goes almost white, I kind of like how easily my hair takes to it

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    I always blow dry my hair straight to put bleach on.
    It’s very difficult to bleach your own hair, more so than colour.
    You must leave the roots for last or you will get the dreaded gold band or the hair will break off at the root due to over processing. It is known.
    If you have any previous hair colour you will not get evenly light no matter how evenly you apply the bleach. When this happens you will have to be very careful to only apply the second process to the area that is underdeveloped to even it. Colour correcting is very difficult on your own head.
    I would go to a salon and get it done right the first time and then touch up your own roots and tone. It’s easier to upkeep a nice professional job than to get there on your own. How much have you already spent $ and time wise

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