How to establish a community around your blog

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    When doing your blog, you will be passing through different stages. You will be deciding what your niche will be. You will be developing contents and launch your website. After some time, you will develop a regular following of readers. Making these individuals interact by forming a community in your blog is a big fulfillment.

    At first, people will be going to your blog to get the information that they need. A community will be formed when people start interacting. You will see that these readers will feel the responsibility to help each other out online. In the long run, there will be contributors of contents and your forum will be very active.

    How do you link people and make them interact with each other. Here are some tips you can follow:

    Encourage Comments

    The first opportunity will be on your message boards. You need to encourage people to speak their minds and comment on your post. You can stir up interest when you ask questions and show interest in their opinions. When you get people to post some words you can interact with them and you will see the long term effects. You just have to be careful and monitor your posts for spammers.

    Do something for Your Readers

    You can develop posts that are totally about stuffs that interest them. You can answer the questions and request of your loyal followers by devoting posts for these topics. Put the spotlight to your readers from time to time and make them feel at home at your blog. This way they will be comfortable and feel safe to talk back.

    Encourage Readers to Participate

    Aside from asking for their comments, you can generate reader activity by running polls and surveys about a topic relevant to your blog. You can also invite readers to generate content for the blog. There will be experts out there who will be willing to share their knowledge and skills.

    Lead the Way

    If you want to form a community within the blog, you, as the blogger, must lead the way. Be the fire starter, be the cheerleader, be the guide of the community in your blog.

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