I remember! (sorta... help?!)

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    Heyo! I joined specifically so I could try to figure this out, haha.

    I'm 30 now & am reminiscing with a friend about how we met on Nex when we were like 13. I was talking about how we used to decorate our profiles with these little square images that were thumbnail sized & they were often animated in some way. The text would change colours, or something on it would like twinkle or whatever. I feel like they were almost gifs before gifs became what they are now, haha. Some of them weren't animated though, they were just a little thumbnail thing. They'd have sayings or cute images or whatever on them, I even remember there being some Motley Crue ones specifically (we bonded over our love for Crue back in the day, haha).

    Does anyone remember what I'm talking about?!?! Was there a name for these things?! I feel like you used to be able to go look them up somewhere, or we'd just steal them from other people's profiles, but they still had to come from somewhere... I so badly want to find some just for nostalgia's sake, but I have nooo idea how to find them if they still exist out there. Anyone?!

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