In Montgomery County, more whites have died of COVID-19, but higher rate among blacks

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    Montgomery County’s health department on Tuesday released the latest data that shows more white residents of the county have died from the virus than residents of other races. However, the highest death rate from the virus is among African Americans.As of Friday morning, the Maryland Department of Health reported that the county has had 324 confirmed deaths from the virus.There are 31 “probable” deaths, which have the virus listed as the cause on death certificates but have not been confirmed by laboratory tests.The state Department of Health releases demographic breakdowns like these statewide each day. The county released racial data on deaths for the first time on Tuesday.Mary Anderson, a spokeswoman for the county’s health department, said the county was initially releasing data on deaths by gender and age, but took the data down about a month ago after the state stopped consistently sending demographic information.“The numbers weren’t all adding up and people were confused, so we took that down,” she told Bethesda Beat. “Last week, we were able to consistently get data on the people who have died.”

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