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    So basically over the last several years at random times, I myself started thinking about ideas for films or bouncing ideas off other co-workers and friends to find suitable new types of material that might actually work in the theatres or television episodes. I've had a few that seem great to myself, tell me your methods of designing the writing process or just bounce some material around.

    My original intention was to somehow recreate the process of how people feel as they are criminally respondent during the times of falling asleep and trying to get rest while being inundated by repressed memories or reactions to being chased and overwhelmed by fear itself from there previous guilt.

    I had an idea where two groups of people would be involved in a world where they are never actually seen by the other, although the scenario and plot would be interwound around each separate crime and action being inverted directly in the jobs and lives of the parts they were playing.

    Example FBI versus a Sleeper Cell of Computer users that knew exactly when and where to fall asleep each night never to be seen or caught by the other group after them. The theory is that at exactly the same time one group would fall asleep after their working hours - the next group would awake and start the criminal actions that could never be traced or seen, given there random changing locales constantly and consciously.

    I researched the time 11:11 and found it to be an interesting number since it is of much controversy surrounding actual awakening of being itself. So basically each time 11:11 rolled around on the clock one group would sleep and the next would awake with no trace to their exact locations using technology that allowed stealth transmittance of dubbed other locations.

    From one side of the story it would be complete reality of enforcement based law tactics as per drama itself, and the other would be a drug induced set of quirky intellects that are making their way around impossible crimes and series of short time frames that make almost each possible night a crazed trip to the senses before the setting in of paranoia and fear of life from the pursuit that would take place during each daily rotation of the cycle of weeks passing. I figure they would be very clock aware and multiple methods of making sure each timed safe location was not exposed or scuttled holding there transports of machinery and electronics.

    I find that absolute seriousness of one group of people compared to another group of theatrical jokers playing the part of living on the edge constantly would be really fun to watch and instill the same type of emotions that actually offenders are aware of from the repeated offenses. And more so the inverted type of characters being played that are in no need of resources or normal types of lifestyles would be a resultant of the adverse effects driven by counteracting storylines of each side never telling a full truth instead seeking out the same ultimatum.
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    A movie of bloodborne... Plz boss?
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    A movie about dark matter.
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    A film about a serial killer who gets reincarnated as a Scarecrow, but realizes he has a corn on the cob dick, and he becomes a porn star while also still murdering people. Movie would be called Porn on a Cob
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