My Meth Teacher

Discussion in 'Attention Seekers' started by *Loves-Death., Jan 16, 2017.

  1. *Loves-Death.

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    My teacher gets a rush from teaching math, could it be like he is teaching meth math?, math on how to meth?
    what is the most efficient way to do meth?
    is math really fun?
    can i smoke this meth?

    cats and carts cant learn how to do meth
    math is everything
    but i still need a meth calculator

    its all about the math!
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    Nov 23, 2015
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  3. Cib3rNaut

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    I fucking hate drugs so much I would drug the drug users until they stopped doing drugs with their own fucking piss and fecal matter. That would give more meaning to their lives then, Them suffering for years and years on fucking nonsense cleaning supplies being mixed into their own piss that they urinate out all over the fucking towns around here
  4. Part-Times Platypus

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    Fun fact some drug users DO do their own piss and fecal matter.. it's called Jenkem/Butt-Hash and its all the rage in the Highschools in the mid-west. Kids with nothing but corn fields and nothing better to do. shit/piss in a bottle slap a balloon over the mouth wait for your shit to ferment and inhale the fumes.. get cooked instantly.

    Try it at home yourself kids =3

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