New Stoary App with AR Tech

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    We are StoARy team, here is our new project.

    We need your opinion and support. We believe that the existing social media platforms are a bit boring for people nowadays, people share content farms and we cannot distinguish between news feed and advertisement. We would like to provide an app that we can all record our important moment "on the map" with AR tech.

    Its like "Pokemon Go", we got to hang out and find the "stoary"(videos or photos) on the map. And when we take a video and pin it on the map, people can reach your "stoary" when they passed there. You can use it to share a surprise video to your beloved (for birthday surprise or even to propose ), play games like treasure hunt, share important moment of your children, share your experience when you travel somewhere or take a video to promote your own business in front of your workshop...

    We hope to bring the social media to the next level, and provide a creative way for people to share video. It would be 2019 new app Trend .

    Please tell us your opinion
    Here is the video and funding link

    We thank you for your opinion and support!

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