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    Yo @skrinkle I propose a minor change. For the rules, could you make it look like a proper statute? Instead of bullet points, break it up into sections and subsections I mean.

    That way, if someone asks for clarification on what rule was broken you could be like "under section 2(4) of the Skrinkle Act 2018 you're not allowed to post pics of dead animals" for example. It's more professional I think.
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    @Wrecky don't rainbow me, this is a good idea you hoe
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    I didn't say it was bad, don't call me a hoe :foie:
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    Oh, sorry pardon my vernacular you fucking slag
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    That sounds like a lot of work
    why don't you do it for me
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    What are Acceptable Profile Pictures?

    The following are the guidelines of acceptable content for official Profile images. All images uploaded to your Profile on must follow these rules.

    These rules apply to both images and descriptions!


    We at Nexopia are concerned for your safety and therefore no pictures with personal information are allowed:

    1) No school IDs, or drivers licenses.
    2) No last names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.
    3) Email address's and first names are fine.

    Section 2: NO FAKE PICTURES

    Pretending pictures of other people are you is not allowed:

    1) Any impersonations of other people are not allowed.
    2) Celebrity pictures are okay, as long as you aren't impersonating them.
    3) Pictures of common fakes are not acceptable and may result in losing your account.

    Section 3: OTHER SITES TAGS

    You are not allowed to upload pictures that have been saved off other sites:

    1) Other websites tag their pictures like we do here at Nexopia, uploading these is not permitted.

    Section 4: NO NUDITY

    Nudity includes but IS NOT LIMITED TO:

    1) Full frontal nudity; including any visible genitalia, female nipple, visible pubic hair and pubic region are not allowed.
    2) Bare butt; including butt crack.
    3) Penetration or implied penetration.
    4) Realistic cartoons or diagrams featuring any of the aforementioned body parts or acts.
    5) Any see-through clothing or inappropriate bathing suits, including thongs, with the intention of causing sexual arousal

    Nudity does NOT include:

    6) Naked back, providing that all other areas are properly covered.
    7) Camel-toe and penis outline through pants or underwear, providing that the penis is not erect.

    Implied nudity (where areas are strategically covered by any item that is not standard clothing) is ONLY allowable if all of the following conditions are met:

    8) The model must be visibly 25+ (meaning that they would not be asked for ID if they entered a licensed establishment)
    9) The image itself must be not intended for sexual arousal
    10) Nipples and genitals must be covered
    11) If the image does not meet these conditions, it will be treated as regular nudity.

    Section 5: NO VIOLENCE

    Violent pictures include but ARE NOT LIMITED TO:

    1) Images that depicts a violent act (curb-stomping for example) are not permitted.
    2) Pictures of injuries as a result of violence are not permitted (ie, someone bleeding all over after falling down).

    Section 6: NO DRUGS

    1) No illegal substances. Small amount of pot is ok.

    Section 7: NO WEAPONS

    Weapons are a tricky rule so read them carefully:

    1) Staffs and martial arts weapons are ok as long as they are being used in strict martial arts context (someone at a tournament or in a Karate uniform).
    2) Guns are absolutely not permitted, unless they are:
    i) Clearly fake guns should be ok if that have an orange tip that is typical of all toy guns.
    ii) Water guns are fine if they include a big plastic bulb or very bright colours.
    iii) Paintball guns are acceptable if they are easy to distinguish from real guns.
    iv) Either the hopper or CO2 canister must be visible.
    3) Guns employed by a Police Office or someone in the Army are ok as long as they are not being held in a threatening way (ie. pointing at someone).
    4) Hunters or someone at a shooting range should be fine unless they are pointing their weapon at someone or something other than a fake target. The target must be visible in the picture.

    Section 8: NO GROSS STUFF

    What one person thinks is funny will offend someone else.
    The following is a short but limited list of things not to upload:

    1) No blood, guts, puke, urine, or other bodily fluids, etc.

    Nobody cares to see the huge dump your friend took, the results of your horrid wipeout, or how sick you got once at a party. So keep these off of Nexopia.


    If you think something might offend another person you shouldn't upload it.
    Some examples are:

    1) Any images that may offend any race, religion, or sexuality are not permitted.
    2) Anything that promotes hate towards another group is not permitted. This includes things like flying a swastika or dressed as a KKK member.


    Not everybody gets along but that doesn't mean you can make fun of them on Nexopia.
    This rule is largely up to Administrator discretion:

    1) Pictures of other users that you do not have permission to upload will be removed by mods.
    2) Any degrading or hateful pictures of another user is not acceptable.
    3) This includes drawing on pictures to make someone look bad.

    Any questions should be posted in a new thread or the existing question thread. Please do not post in this thread

    So let's say there's a pic of someone killing some dude with a sword. I could say under section 5(1), 5(2), section 7(1) and section 8(1) that I'm unapproving the pic.

    But do that shit for the proper rules, not pic mod rules.
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    Hoe is such a tame word though
  9. .:Batman:.

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    Derogatory at best
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    Hoe is a garden tool. I think the offensive version is just straight up ho

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