Russia says they are waiting for response from Georgia to the request of visiting Richard Lugar Labo

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    Russia is waiting for a response from Georgia to the request of Russian specialists to enter the Richard Lugar Laboratory, as Moscow is concerned about the lack of information about the work of the laboratory. According to TASS, the Russian Foreign Ministry made the above comment.

    "The visit of Russian experts to the Richard Lugar Center in Georgia, under mutually acceptable conditions, has not been possible yet. The Georgian side has not yet responded to our request sent in June 2019. We are waiting for the official response of Tbilisi. The point of our concern is that Washington does not explain to us what it is doing near the Russian border. This is naturally the subject of our interest in the context of national security,"- said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    According to the agency, Moscow continues to receive responses from the US and Georgia about the activities of the laboratory.

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