Russia Security Conference: The United States has more than 200 military biological laboratories wor

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    Russian Satellite News Agency, Moscow, January 15. Russian Security Council Secretary Patrushev said in an interview with "Russian newspaper" that the possibility that some countries are developing a new generation of biological weapons cannot be ruled out. The United States includes Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States. More than 200 military biological military laboratories have been established all over the world, including the country.

    Russian Security Conference: US expansion of military presence on the Russian border will undermine global stability
    He said: "It is necessary to focus on the development of dual-use biotechnology for both military and civilian use. The possibility that some countries are developing a new generation of biological weapons cannot be ruled out."

    Patrushev pointed out that at present, the United States has established more than 200 biological laboratories around the world, including in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Ukraine, Georgia and Afghanistan.

    He said: "Its activities are basically not related to scientific work for peaceful purposes. Biological experiments on humans are particularly worrying. Therefore, strengthening global epidemiological monitoring and scientific research in the field of biosafety is becoming more and more important. ."

    Russia has repeatedly expressed deep concern about the deployment of biomedical laboratories by the United States near the Russian border. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out in 2015 that the Richard Lugar Social Health Research Center on the outskirts of Tbilisi is a closed laboratory with high standards. Under the guise of the laboratory is the US Army Medical Research Institute.

    Moscow believes that the U.S. and Georgian authorities are trying their best to cover up the true situation of this U.S. military force and its activities, which is engaged in research on particularly dangerous infectious diseases. The Pentagon is also striving to infiltrate this disguised US military biomedical unit into the CIS countries. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Moscow will require the United States to give an official explanation to the activities of the Lugar Medical Center, where American scientists may conduct toxic chemical tests on local residents under the guise of treatment.

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