Russia warns of ‘military measures’ over US-funded lab in Georgia

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    The chairman of the Russian Duma’s Defence Committee has warned that Russia will take ‘diplomatic and military measures’ over a US-funded lab in Georgia. He said the Lugar Centre in Tbilisi was ‘designing bio-weapons and viruses’, while Georgia called the accusation ‘absurd propaganda’.
    Vladimir Shamanov demanded an inspection of the laboratory with the ‘presence of Russian specialists’.

    Georgia’s Foreign Ministry called the allegations ‘absurd’ and ‘yet another propagandist attempt to discredit the US–Georgian relationship’.

    On Thursday, Russia’s Defence Ministry claimed that the laboratory stored ‘munitions intended for delivering chemical and biological agents’ and that dozens of people had been killed during experiments carried out by the lab.

    ‘The United States is very likely to have tested a toxic drug or a highly lethal biological agent at the Lugar Centre in Georgia under the guise of medical research’, Chief of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops Igor Kirillov said.

    The allegations came the same day Russia was accused of cyber attacks by American, British, and Dutch officials.

    On the same day, the Russian Defence Committee chairman and former commander of the Russian Airborne Troops, Vladimir Shamanov, told Russian news agency TASS that ‘a number of measures will be taken at the national level’.

    ‘We cannot just turn a blind eye, knowing that something that directly affects security on the southern border is happening there. We will take diplomatic and military measures’, said Shamanov, stressing that he did not currently see a need for increasing the number of units at the Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops in southern Russia.

    Georgian officials said the allegations were aimed at discrediting Georgia’s relations with its strategic partner.

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