SFV: Thoughts on the changes made.

Discussion in 'Videogames' started by Rogue Boner, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Rogue Boner

    Rogue Boner Guest

    Anybody picked up SFV? What are you thoughts on making combos and parries "more accessible" to scrubs? Downgrading level of skill required and amount of mash acceptable to eek out wins.
    I've only ever really played casually with friends so I'm not really that mad because at least now bad friends have a chance against me and I have a better chance against my friends who DO play professionally.

    However seeing Daigo The Man The Myth The Legend The Beast get shrekt *cough cough* throw *cough cough* by Lupe Fiasco to "highlight" how even newbs can take on Classic SF gods in SFV scrub friendly re-branding of the title kind of upset me. Although the amount of idle time Daigo gave Lupe to let him land hits made the throw all too obvious. Especially in the bouts where Daigo went 50% and full combo'd Lupe's scrub ass to an easy KO.

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