Solar system lamp-Saturn lamp is a New Year's gift and I love it!

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    2022 has arrived and I have received a package. At the time, I was wondering who would send it to me and what would be in it. I never thought it was Lisa. Last month, Lisa had already gone to Germany on business due to work. This is her busiest period of the year, so I think she shouldn't have time to think about these things. When I received this gift, I was pleasantly surprised. It also made me understand that the person who really loves you will remember you no matter how busy they are.

    When I opened this package, I saw a postcard with a photo of Lisa and I. The photo was taken at HI together two years ago. It makes me miss those days. I cherish this gift very much. It is a planetary lamp. I received a set of 7 lamps. My favorites are the Saturn lamp and the moon lamp. I spent an hour learning about them in detail.

    The interesting thing about the Saturn lamp is that it is completely 3D printed, yet it retains the unique properties of the planet. Saturn has its beautiful ring system, the moon maintains its unique coloring and so on. You receive the utmost quality and attention to detail, which in turn conveys a very good experience and outstanding results.

    Sometimes you want a simple setting that helps you choose the brightness as you see fit. You can have a very bright light that can be used to illuminate the room in the evening. Or you can have a low light that makes the room a lot cozier . It makes the environment great if you want to prepare to sleep.

    You can control the lamp remotely via its dedicated remote control. On top of that, you can also use the interesting touch controls. This is a great option because it conveys a very good experience, not to mention you get to choose how you control it .

    It opens up the idea of exploring the universe, improving their knowledge and being open to curiosity. That’s why you have to give this Moon Lamp a try, because it looks amazing and it also conveys a lot of educational value.

    The lamp has with 4 preset modes, which are great if you want to bring in some cool décor effects. At the same time, you also receive 16 colors that can be customized and adapted to your own needs. Whether you want to use the lamp for a party, for reading or for exploring the galaxy with your kids, this is the right item to focus on.

    While staring at this Saturn lamp, I seem to be back to the happy days with Lisa on Hi's beach two years ago. At this moment, I feel my eyes are blurred. I will wait for Lisa to come back, and then go to more places and have more beautiful memories together.

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