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    So technically, I know this friend of a friend of a long lost friend. And more than twice his home has been entered by someone who will not identify who they are in public. This person is not causing damage or any weird stealing of any property. Although on numerous occasions odd stuff has been moved around or notes have been left with no context on who they are from. They guess it is a female entering their home based upon the smell of body odor from a female and other key signs that the person(s) is also not noticed entering and leaving the premises. One note had a blue heart shaped drawing left and other times objects have been relocated with key signs the person was likely a female. The weirdest thing is not once have they been approached in public or even followed around. Suggestively they have not taken any pro cautions to stop this person from entering their home. Maybe there is a barrier stopping them from talking, or extreme shyness. It just seems completely strange a person would go about entering someones home on numerous occasions and never be caught doing so.
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    Maybe the person is allowed to do that, or was purposely asked to do that? :)
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    No Cib3r necro :foie: :foie: Let those stay dead lol
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