Terrorists returning to Canada can be rehabilitated with careful effort, expert insists

Discussion in 'Politics and Debate' started by skrinkle, Nov 26, 2017.

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    I don't read articles that are that bias. I knew as soon as I saw the pic that it was gonna be conservative extremists, and a few sentences in it was already taking weird childish jabs at an entire party.
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    Oh this? "The Trudeau Liberals have once again confirmed that they are totally separated from anything resembling common sense?" Yeah the guy doesn't know how to report objectively that's for sure lol

    I think it just goes to show that the House is too politicized and cant get anything done because what the Cons(who I dont like) were trying to do here was pass a bill causing the prosecution of returning ISIS fighters, and Trudeau shot it down out of hand.

    I think he should have thought about it, because these are returning enemy soldiers who are potentially very violent, before just shooting it down as if it were the worst idea he'd ever heard. I don't believe in rehabilitation of ISIS fighters as I've said I believe in preventing them from striking and punishing them where we can.

    Sorry for presenting you with such a slanted article, but it is what happened.

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