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The Sopranos appreciation thread

Discussion in 'TV & Movies' started by sharkbait., Oct 11, 2017.

  1. sharkbait.

    sharkbait. Guest

    Who else watched the Sopranos? I know it's old now BUT: I think I've seen upwards of 90% of the Sopranos. I really liked Tony and the gang and watching them survive and thrive in NYC's modern mafia scene.

    Tony never hit his wife man. Ever. He cheated on her like there was no tomorrow but he never hit her, he loved Carmella. In his sick psycho/sociopathic way. Lmao~

    Seriously good show. I recommend if you haven't seen it :gjob:
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  2. mikeconley11

    mikeconley11 Junkie Pic Mod

    May 23, 2017
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    Been a while since I've seen it but I remember it being a great show. Since you've only seen 90%, I won't talk about the ending but one of the only scenes I really remember properly is Christopher sitting on his dog while high lol, strange what parts you remember of the past huh?

    Do you think Dr. Melfi helped Tony at all? I think at the time I thought the therapy thing was useless.

    I raise you 3 more classic HBO shows: The Wire, True Detective and Deadwood. You watched any of them? Damn, HBO is amazing.
  3. sharkbait.

    sharkbait. Guest

    Yeah I've seen the ending but maybe missed one or two episodes while I was watching the show. :gjob:

    Nope I don't think Tony's therapy helped him very much, save for maybe he had an extra ear to listen to him talk. The therapy was just another instance of him being a G in modern times, it ain't easy haha

    Nooo I haven't watched anything else sorry. HBO is great stuff tho I should probably try out more shows but it takes something super interesting to me to make me want to sit down and watch something. :teleport:
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