The thing that the other thing did effected it but...

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    ... I don't know if it was why that it had happened in the first time that it happened, but, and I stress "but" I'm not sure if it ever even would had happened in the first place. And I don't know why anyway, probably because in the long run, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. But if u disagree that's fine with me, no qualms about it. Strictly by definition tho you could see my point definitively. That's why it happened. But nobody knows that except a few select people in east LA. But I digress , and firmly stress the fact that this is an anomaly and isn't by any means totally assertive to the fact that it isn't what it is OR was at the time. But that's fine with me, and I don't understand it. But I can move on forward with it effectively, and in the totality of it I am okay to leave it as it is, even if I don't see why , if or how.

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