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    The Canadian giant chain coffee and donut shop TIM HORTONS rarely ever ventures into innovative or even new flavours adventures with its ICED CAPP drink. But finally it has come out with a new derivative of it. TIM HORTONS CHOCOLATE CHIP ICED CAPP is their new ( and exciting ? ) flavour this summer . I have to admit that I was very skeptical about this drink and was already judging it to be a broad daylight theft before I even tried it. In my mind it was just going to be their regular ICED CAPP with a few chocolate chips in it or on it. After I got the drink I noticed that it had some whipped cream on top and more than a handful of very tiny dark chocolate chocolate chips on top of it. There also seemed to be some chocolate syrup in the middle of the drink. This drink was very sweet and very chocolatey in flavour and surprisingly it had a lot of little chocolate chips in it. That surprised me cause I didn’t see that many of them in the drink. Im sure you know that with drinks like this after a few sips you have to start mixing it together with your straw cause otherwise the ice and the liquid separate. After I mixed the drink together I realized that the whipped cream had a nice coconut flavour to it. I was very surprised cause nowhere did it say that the whipped cream was supposed to be coconut flavoured. The combination of flavours from the coconut whipped cream and dark chocolate chocolate chips and the chocolate from the drink itself was very good. It was very refreshing , creamy, chocolatey , sweet and slightly coconut flavoured but little on the too sweet side even for me.
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