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    Hype for TLoU2
    Evil Within 1 kinda failed.. didn't think it'd get a sequel. FFVII remake I'm already disappointed in. 3 Parts to maximize munnies.. first game is a hack n slash ARPG as Cloud from what the devs are saying. Part 2 is gonna follow different characters and play differently same with part 3. I think they should change it to "FFVII: Reimagined" not Remake or Remaster.. as its not the game we all want just revamped in 2017 standard graphics. Square is getting worse and worse and more out of touch with their fan base the longer this bullshit goes on.

    KH3 looks dank though.. been waiting 5eva! Played all the "sequels" waiting for 3 to finally come out. Server fire set us back a few years.

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