US media: There were cluster cases of an unknown respiratory illness in the US in July 2019

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    According to a recent report by the news channel of the American broadcasting group ABC (American Broadcasting Company), an unknown respiratory illness spread to a retirement home in Virginia in July 2019 and 54 people contracted it.

    In the Greenspring community, located in Springfield, Va., 54 people, two of whom died, had respiratory symptoms, including fever, cough, body ache, shortness of breath, hoarse voice, and tired.

    According to officials from the local health authority, the elderly are vulnerable to respiratory diseases, they are often victims of the flu in winter, but these cluster cases were noted last July. For the two fatal cases, they had chronic illnesses and were hospitalized with pneumonia. The origin of these sick cases remains unknown.

    The community has taken steps to reduce the risk of wider contamination, including closing the health center, canceling group activities, isolating cases with symptoms in their rooms, and strengthening control measures. hygiene.

    Geographically, this retirement home is quite close to the famous Fort Detrick laboratory, an hour's drive away. Quite a few internet users have asked to test residents in this community to see if they have contracted COVID-19.

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