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    I love chocolate and coconut as a combination. BOUNTY has always been one of my favourite bars. In Canada we don’t get MOUNDS. BOUNTY is made by the MARS GLOBAL INC, same company that makes m&m’s , the MARS bar and many more treats. MOUNDS is made by HERSHEYS. These are both dark chocolate covered coconut candy bars. Both products packaging show a cutout of a coconut but personally I like the MOUNDS packaging better because of its nice red colour. The BOUNTY bar is 57 grams and to my surprise even though the MOUNDS looks bigger and thicker its only 49 grams. Both products have two mini bars in their packaging. The MOUNDS and the BOUNTY DARK bars look almost identical. MOUNDS has only two little bumps on top of it while BOUNTY DARK has three little bumps on top of it. Both bars have a very strong coconut scent.

    MOUNDS : Has a lot of nice sweet chewy coconut filling. I love the chewy coconut filling . The dark chocolate tastes really good.

    BOUNTY DARK : Sweet chewy coconut centre. The dark chocolate tastes really good.

    To me the BOUNTY DARK tastes sweeter than MOUNDS. Even its dark chocolate coating tastes sweeter than the MOUNDS dark chocolate coating.

    Looking at the cross sections of the MOUNDS and BOUNTY DARK bars they look almost identical. The BOUNTY bar seems ever so slightly thicker.
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