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    Palladous is literally the worst freelance writing company I have ever come across. They pay you slave wages, literally like $3 an hour, and expect extremely high quality writing and if they aren't exactly happy with your writing, they will send it back for multiple fussy revisions. For example, they will pay you 6 dollars for a 400 word article. So it will take between 30 to 60 minutes to write the article, including the research for it. Then they'll send it back for one or two or even three revisions, so writing one article ends up taking 2 hours. Palladous thus pays you $3 dollars an hour. My strong warning is do not even waste your time with this worthless trashy company. Palladous is a SCAM!

    THIS is why we need strong labor laws in America and in the UK (where the company is based). There are currently no laws regarding minimum wage requirements for freelance work. In other words, if someone hires you for a freelance job, there is no legal requirement that they pay you minimum wage.

    But I guess I'm "entitled" because I don't want to work for $3 dollars an hour?
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