Why are Blacks dying at higher rates from COVID-19?

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    There is a saying—“When America catches a cold, Black people get the flu.” Well, in 2020, when America catches coronavirus, Black people die. Blacks in about every state with racial data available have higher contraction rates and higher death rates of COVID-19.In Michigan, Blacks make up 15% of the state population but represent 35% of people diagnosed with COVID-19. This means that Blacks in Michigan are 133% more likely to contract the novel coronavirus relative to their percentage of the state. With a death rate hovering near 4% in Michigan, Blacks are also over-represented for deaths related to COVID-19, accounting for 40% of all deaths statewide. For comparison, Whites represent 25% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 and 26% of deaths. Whites make-up over 75% of the state population.In Illinois, Blacks represent about 16% of the state but 30% of people diagnosed with COVID-19. In Chicago, Blacks represent 70% of people who have died from coronavirus. North Carolina, South Carolina, and New York show the same pattern with slightly smaller gaps. Among the four states shown below, Blacks are 74% more likely to contract coronavirus than their percentage of the state. These disparities are likely to continue as the virus spreads to new areas. The coronavirus has not even hit rural America hard yet, where many counties do not even have a single hospital bed.

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