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    "Your Alerts" only seems to show you the latest 5 days, yet many of the links suggest that the list will be "all of them throughout time". (the "Show All" in the pop-up menu that displays when clicking the Alert icon located in the upper-right corner of the page being a good example).
    I haven't seen much use of AJAX (or server hits using JS), so I'd assume that this site will not use the "load content as the user reaches the end of the content" methodology. That said, I would have expected a "next" button at the end to view older notifications.

    All in all, I'm a touch confused regarding the difference between getting an alert to a thread I created, watching a thread, and watching a forum. Even though I'm not subbed to any threads or forums, I get an alert for almost everything that occurs, because I've created and/or posted to so many threads.

    It seems that this site is having an identity crisis. Some aspects of the site use the "feed" methodology, some use the "forum" methodology. Some consistency would be nice.

    Edit: Actually, it seems that every time I post a new thread, I'm automatically watching it. Yet, when I go view my watched threads, nothing displays as there are no unread messages. As far as I'm concerned, this makes little sense as there's no way to see all watched threads. On top of that, "watched threads" will only show 20 anyway... My vote is that all subscriptions should display, and sort/group based on date/unread, or show everything and offer the option to show/hide threads where nothing is unread.
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