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    Just wondering who in this forum has been through terrible times and would like to share their experiences, I am a pretty dark person and enjoy reading the worst of times from others only to reflect on how much more or less I have suffered in my short time here. None of this thread will be repeated in public, I swear on my points card that I have for the grocery store I shop at.

    My worst experiences with others are all contained from mostly direct lies being told or electronic harassment. It was never really sorted out, due to everyone in my family and other employees of certain corporations containing the lie that one or more people started. Which was never spoken out loud or even thought about in secret by myself.

    Somehow one or more people said I was obsessed with one A list celebrity that appears in many films. Indirectly during these events I was trying to contact a female in another town close by which was somehow mixed in context, that begun bullying and a spiral of falsehoods which went onto my personal record of information and for almost a decade I never spoke of what happened due to being scared for my personal safety and the safety of this female in another town. I was harassed for years by my parents and also doctors who made up completely false reports on what happened. During the harassment I was illegally drugged more than once, beaten and interrogated by a police officer. And then afterwards while recovering many years later the officer began bullying myself more than once over the same female I had never met and also other people I had never even spoken with. Later in time the female I had never spoken with was held up at gunpoint and had to leave the country for safety reasons. I have also on more than one occasion had a gun waved in my face by random people I have never even seen before. Somehow I believe it is all linked together from these original events being manufactured in slanderous ways. I could never speak on what happened directly to the people that were continually questioning myself on this information, since it was never even spoken by myself. As if the lie itself had become real only by the falsehood of the original story being made up. For years I questioned if I had caused direct harm to someone I didn't even know, And have been considering leaving Canada because of the way everyone around turned their backs on myself for someone else's negligence.

    Continually, It was all somehow orchestrated by computer programs or someone in general that probably could be sued into bankruptcy due to their actions. Along with several businesses that all contained a part of the problematic events that took place. And the weird offense to the entire story is the A list celebrity that was constantly used as abusive slander towards myself, was only mentioned by myself during the complete time in what could only be described a sexual harassment or even more severe felony based contexts from these groups of people.
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    Yeah, that happened to me once too. Sucked man.

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